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Preserving the popular crafts has always been a priority for us. How can this be achieved in the best possible way? Practicing these crafts in real life, making a living with them, and providing the means for anyone to try them out.


Visitors coming to Csíkszentimre can look around the smithy of Sándor Csató, where besides simple horseshoes and smaller metal obejcts one can marvel at the artisanal wrought-iron gates and ornaments made by the blacksmith. If you so wish you yourself can also try out, what’s it like to work with this ancient Hungarian craft. In the Henter Mansion you can also check out a short film about the blacksmith.  


With the horseshoes having been made, one only needs a chariot to properly take in the sights of Csíkszentimre. Rides on horse-drawn carriages are available for visitors.

The secrets of the making of wheels are guarded by the local wheelwright, József Nagy. You can check out the short film made about him in the Henter Mansion, and there are also several tools of the wheelwright here that can be seen and also tried out.


The weaving of carpets and folkweaves has a huge tradition in the village. These authentic, artisanal products are made on manually operated weaving looms. In the Henter Mansion one can learn the art of manually operating the weaving loom, and one can even try out how the textile transform into a useful piece of decoration.

The dining room, the garden, the domed cellar, the community hall located on the upper level are all intended to be used by today’s people, that’s how the mansion can be refilled with life and serve the community once again.

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